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WINDY: A whole lesson of hope, integrity and love.

It’s a dramatic and poignant story, that narrates the abuse of minors. The dark side to which Celeste, our principal story character, was subjected in her youth.

The power of forgiveness and the unshakable spirit of a woman who when she was five years old is when the story began. Celeste knows that she was in trouble when her mother subjects her to harsh punishments and mistreatments. Then forsakes her abandoning her to the fate of her two sisters. She knows her father is unable to protect her. Her world, a confuse mixture of fear, loneliness and pain takes a sudden turn, when she decides to travel to the United States. A friend gives her the money for the one-way ticket. The same one that she took with such enthusiasm looking for a better life, without knowing that that ticket was one way to her misfortune. There she is captivated from a young emigrant, causing another dramatic change on her life, that pushed her out into the real world.

With deep psychological penetration the author portrays the odyssey of an abused girl, that when she became a woman gave all her love and life to the enemy. Without knowing it, then once become a mother has the courage to break free from the past, the ghost of the years such a real nightmare; and take control of her own destiny.

A whole lesson of hope, integrity and love. - Virgen Heuer

This book was written by our Survivor Advocate, Virgen Heuer and is in the final stages of being published. We are so proud of Virgen and the strength she has to share her story and help survivors all over the world discover restoration. This book will be available in Spanish sand English.

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